Photo: Sunrise from Minato’s Kamakura Road

Minato is a rarely explored part of Suwa, located to the southwest of the basin where the ridge of hills falls to the lake. It’s traversed by the the Kamakura Road that connected the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Kamakura. Old shrines, temples, and other historic sites dot the way, with some sites dating back to the pre-historic Jomon Era (see the map below). With spectacular views out across Suwa Lake to the Yatsugatake Range, a Kamakura Road walking tour is a mellow way to spend half a day in Suwa. The tour starts just a short walk from Okaya Station.  A center with a number of restaurant options is located about 4 km along near the end of the tour (green marker on the map).

The Minato neighborhood has been in charge of the Harumiya 4 hashira since the 1800s.