Kokoro-hitotsu (心ひとつ), One Heart, is Onbashira’s constant refrain. In our fragmented modern society, it serves as a reminder of our collective well-being, that we’re not just a welter of individuals, that we need each other absolutely.  This blog will mostly follow the movements of Harumiya’s fourth pillar, familiarly known as Haru-yon.  Minato, a collection of villages now a part of the city of Okaya, has been in charge of that pillar for over a century.

The blog will also introduce aspects of the festival mostly unknown to non-Japanese speaking audiences in the form of translated articles, blog posts, etc.  Interviews with  important members of the Onbashira community are also planned.  At the very least the blog hopes to offer some new perspectives on the festival while conveying something of its essence. Anyway, it will be a running record of Onbashira 2016. Thanks for your interest, and as they say, have a safe, fun, festival. Yoisa!

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